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Damian McCarthy | How to Choose a Good Employment Lawyer

As an expert in employment law, Damian McCarthy knows that for the uninitiated, the Employment Tribunal process is far harder than it sounds.  There are multiple firms online and in print advertising their services, and Damian McCarthy knows that the quality of service offered to clients varies considerably.

Navigating this maze of legal offerings can be a headache for potential clients.  In the experience of Damian McCarthy, many clients making an initial approach to a firm are doing so because they are suffering intense stress from the situation in which they find themselves. They need the process to be straightforward, and to find a lawyer, like Damian McCarthy, who they can be confident will represent them competently and fairly. So how do you choose?

Damian McCarthyDamian McCarthy is one of those special legal experts who genuinely cares about his clients. Damian McCarthy suggests that a few simple questions can go a long way to ascertaining whether a firm will provide decent representation.

Employment Law is an incredibly complex field, and Damian McCarthy. It makes sense, therefore, to ensure you have an expert on your legal team. Damian McCarthy recommends enquiring as to whether the lawyer you are considering works exclusively on Employment Law cases. The law is updated and modified with alarming frequency, and only a lawyer working regularly in the field will be able to offer representation that is truly up-to-date.

Selecting a lawyer with at least 10 years experience in the field is what Damian McCarthy recommends. This leads neatly to a further suggestion from Damian McCarthy that you question just how many clients your proposed Employment Lawyer has represented in Employment Tribunal.  Many lawyers do not undertake this role personally, but Damian McCarthy knows it provides vital experience, the lack of which could make your case suffer. Damian McCarthy recommends seeking a lawyer who has represented clients in at least 50-100 Employment Tribunal cases, lasting 1-2 days or longer.

Once you have ascertained whether your selected Employment Lawyer has the right credentials, Damian McCarthy further suggests that you then explore their charging structure before you commit. Fees can vary widely, and clients should be careful to be aware of potentially hidden costs that they may not expect.

Damian McCarthy | Standing Up for the Underdog

All professional fields, including law, have a contingent who provide only basic services, and are interested in simply making easy money. What makes others, such as Damian McCarthy stand out, is their commitment to helping clients in addition to simply making a living. Damian McCarthy understands that cases of Employment Law can be distressing and difficult.  It can be intimidating to face the legal experts on the other side unless you are confident in your skills and experienced.  Damian McCarthy respects this, and likes to help.

Damian McCarthyThe services of a good Employment Lawyer are always in demand. Damian McCarthy helps as many clients as possible, but for practical reasons is not always able to take on every single case that he is approached with. In such circumstances, Damian McCarthy will where possible provide sound advice regarding other possible Lawyers who could assist. As an expert in the field of Employment Law, Damian McCarthy has his finger on the pulse of the industry, and in his 20 years of experience has encountered many colleagues.

Damian McCarthy is the first to acknowledge that not all lawyers are created equal, and appreciates the difficulty experienced by individuals in finding one they can trust to work effectively in their claim. Damian McCarthy is also happy to provide some simple but little-known tips via his website, including the possibility that household insurance may cover individuals for legal fees up to a certain amount. Such nuggets of advice can be invaluable to individuals, and Damian McCarthy is pleased to share them.

In referring an individual to a third party firm, Damian McCarthy does not seek any payment. He will only refer people to those organisations who specialise in Employment Law relevant to the case in question, and to a firm which has a good reputation. Some may find this philanthropic approach surprising, but Damian McCarthy is passionate about justice and fairness in the legal system and is keen to show that there are many good, dedicated lawyers out there, committed to working in the very best interests their clients.

Some people who believe they have a case in respect of Employment Law may have no funds to pursue it.  Thankfully there are options available to them where support can be provided free of charge, of which they may not be aware.  Damian McCarthy is keen also to make mention of these organisations, and provides links to their websites where information on relevant services can be found.  Damian McCarthy is not only a great Employment Lawyer, he is an advocate for professional legal services per se.

Damian McCarthy / Client-Focused Employment Law Specialist

Damian McCarthy has not just specialised but exclusively focused on employment law for the past twenty years. The reasons for this focus are that Damian McCarthy knows that employment is a complex and ever-changing aspect of the law, with myriad rules and regulations. Companies and lawyers with a wider focus are often not well enough versed in the intricacies of employment law and are therefore unable to offer their clients the fully comprehensive service offered by Damian McCarthy.

Damian McCarthy

Damian McCarthy has a client-focused approach to each and every case he takes on. By taking the time to get to know his clients and the specific requirements of their case, Damian McCarthy is able to put together an argument which has an excellent chance of success each and every time. Throughout his career Damian McCarthy has been selected to represent a number of high profile clients, who are impressed by his ability to deliver on the combination of strategic thinking and client reality which form the backbone of sensitive litigation procedures, especially those which are followed by the press. Damian McCarthy has a proven track record for successfully dealing with cases which involve difficult issues and large sums of money with the tact, care and discretion these cases require.

Over the years Damian McCarthy has built up a reputation for his tough, no-nonsense approach which gets right to the heart of the issue. An objective view of each individual case enables Damian McCarthy to alter his approach accordingly, at times firing aggressively on all cylinders and at other times using charm and persuasion to achieve the desired result for his client. A firm believer in seeing justice done, Damian McCarthy will not represent everyone who contacts him. However, in cases where Damian McCarthy is unable to represent a client himself he offers a free referral service in order to put the client in touch with the best person for the job. As a skilled negotiator Damian McCarthy is able to explore all the aspects of each case including both the letter of the law and the personal and social factors which may have an effect on the outcome.

Damian McCarthy | It’s A Passion

It is always much easier to do things that we are passionate about, and that is probably why Damian McCarthy enjoys an excellent success rate in the cases he deals with. According to a Senior Partner at Partners Law, Damian McCarthy is “very accessible” and has the “ability to steer very complex cases… in the right direction.”

Damian McCarthyDamian McCarthy is a lawyer who specialises in employment law and he has been involved in many high profile cases including the age discrimination case brought against the BBC by Moira Stuart.  According to a Senior Partner at Speechly Bircham, “Damian McCarthy has the ability to deliver on the wider dimensions of strategic thinking and client reality that come with sensitive high profile litigation.”

Damian McCarthy’s client focused approach, coupled with outstanding results has made him very popular with his clients and has won him high praise from his peers such as a Partner at Russell Jones and Walker who said, “(Damian McCarthy has) Very strong tactical acumen, coupled with a skilful and no nonsense style and a highly client focused approach.”

These are things that make Damian McCarthy stand out from other lawyers, together with his passion about justice for all.  Because of this, Damian McCarthy will help people to find a good lawyer if he can’t represent them himself and, what is more, he does this small service absolutely free of charge.  Damian McCarthy has been an employment law specialist for more than 20 years and is able to distinguish between the different qualities of lawyers, from the lazy and incompetent to the absolutely superb and is biased towards steering clients in the direction of lawyers who are able to represent them to a very high standard without costing a small fortune.

Damian McCarthy has some important advice for people wishing to find a lawyer, which can be found on his website and details things a client should look for such as whether or not a lawyer deals exclusively in employment law or not.  He also suggests that checking household contents insurance may reveal an entitlement to claim up to £50,000 in legal fees.  This is important advice, because legal matters can be not only very complex, but also extremely daunting for those people who are faced with the prospect of going to an employment tribunal.

Damian McCarthy studied at the University of Warwick and the University of Leicester where he gained LLB Hons and LLM, Masters in Employment Law respectively.  Damian McCarthy co-founded and owns